Attestation Procedures for entering the Discovery Garden

From: Dupont, Alex <>.          Sent: Monday, July 20, 2020 1:58 PM
Subject: WSU Volunteer Attestations - Required on WSU Locations

Hello all,

Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely sunny weather! I wanted to remind everyone that you are required to attest to your health before entering any WSU location and this includes the Discovery Garden.

An email or text must be sent to me attesting that you have no COVID-19 symptoms before entering the Discovery Garden. I would prefer email over texting for documentation purposes.

Click here for the new attestation document with a name, date, and signature for those that chose to fill it out. I have also included the info below in case you cannot open the documents. You are not required to fill out this paperwork, but you are required to read what you are attesting to and then attest to your health every time you enter the Discovery Garden.

I was hoping to use as a tool for attestation, but realized many MGs sign up days in advance and I need attestations the day you enter the Discovery Garden.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.


Alex duPont

Master Gardener Program Coordinator &
SNAP-ED Nutrition Educator
WSU Extension - Skagit County
11768 Westar Lane, Suite A
Burlington, WA 98233-3672
New Direct Line: 360-395-2367



COVID-19 Symptom Attestation Form for Working at a WSU Location

In the last 14 days, or since your last visit to a university facility, have you experienced one or more of the symptoms listed below. This list is not an exhaustive list of all symptoms. Other less common symptoms have been reported, including gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or Washington State Department of Health (DOH) website for additional information.

Volunteer Self-Attestation:

  • Since your last day of work, have you had a temperature at or above 100.4° or reason to be concerned you may be developing a fever?
  • Since your last day of work, have you experienced a new cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  • Since your last day of work, have you experienced new shortness of breath that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  • Since your last day of work, have you experienced a new sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  • Since your last day of work, have you experienced new muscle aches that you cannot attribute to another health condition or a specific activity such as physical exercise?
  • Since your last day of work, have you experienced any chills that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  • Since your last day of work, have you experienced a new loss of taste or smell that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
  • Within the last 14 days have you had close contact, without the use of appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment), with someone who is currently sick with suspected or confirmed COVID-19? (Note: Close contact is defined as within 6 feet for more than 15 consecutive minutes.)

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions:

  • You must not report to a WSU work location. If you begin experiencing one or more symptoms while at your work location you are to contact your supervisor remotely, by phone or electronic mail. You are to leave work while maintaining 6 feet of distance between you and others.
  • Follow your department’s procedure for reporting leave or requesting to work from home.
  • Contact your health care provider for medical guidance.

Volunteer Attestation

  • I attest, I have read the above statement and prior to coming to a WSU Work location on today's date, I do not have any of the above symptoms/conditions.
  • I have read the above statement and am unable to attest as outlined above. I acknowledge I am not to report to my WSU work location.

If you are unable to attest as outlined above, do not report to the WSU work location.

Use of Attestation Data:
As part of the State of Washington’s Safe Start plan for COVID-19 return to face-to-face operations and activities, WSU is required to screen persons who enter its campuses. This attestation is part of the health screening requirements. WSU will use your attestation data solely for purposes of COVID-19 screening and monitoring and/or other similar activities that are in furtherance of public health and safety consistent with the Washington Safe Start plan and Campus Reopening Guide.



Submit a Garden Announcement

Tell everyone where you need help, provide an update on your garden, report a lost tool, or just share information.  The deadline for weekly inputs is every Sunday at noon.

DG Virtual Tour 2020

Haven't been able to come to the Discovery Garden? See it bloom online!  If you have photos for the page, email them to

How to Sign Up to Work in the Garden

1. Read Safety Guidelines for Demonstration Garden Maintenance

2. SignUp for a dedicated slot

View the spreadsheet of slot assignments

3. For Intern slots

  1. Interns should only sign up for intern slots where a veteran MG is already signed-up
  2. Interns must call or otherwise contact the Garden Coordinator to discuss the work plan
  3. Veterans, preferably a GC, must supervise Interns and assure all safety protocols are followed.

5. Complete a COVID Attestation.  All MGs/Interns must send an email or text to Alex duPont BEFORE they work at the Discovery Garden on the day they are scheduled for volunteer work. That message must be a positive ATTESTATION that you are free of COVID-19 on that day. This is also an NWREC requirement. If you have questions or need guidance, please refer to the email Alex sent on 7/13/20 that includes a copy of the Attestation Form (also posted above).

REMINDER: If you will not be able to use your slot, please remove your name from to free the slot for another MG.

Click here to get a personal email of all your SignUps

Discovery Garden Announcements (updated August 9, 2020)
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Contact the Garden Managers

Garden Manager Status Report
Shed  Closed
Bathrooms  Closed
Water Fountains  Closed
Pavilion  Closed
Composting  Open.  You do not need to chop your compost, but please put in the proper area per signage.  Please put horse tail pieces in the yuck bin.
Parking  Please park in the grassy area by NW Fruit.  Please do not block the gated entrance by the Rhodie Garden.  This area is reserved for deliveries.
Sluggo  Located on bench at shed entrance (see pix below).  Please use it and return it within 15min.
Wheelbarrow  Located at shed.  Combo is 1607.
This Week's Announcements
Garden Manager Notes
Topic: Lost and Found We have set up a new procedure for addressing lost and found items. There is a new category on the garden announcement page! You can post items you have misplaced or report items you have found on the weekly Garden Announcements. We would also like to suggest that all found items be placed on or near the sluggo box by the shed bench where they are out of sight, but people can easily find them.
Topic: SignUp For those of you who are still having trouble trying to sign up to work in the garden, please go to the Members Corner.  Under the box labeled Discovery Garden Info, you will see a tab that says "click here." This tab will take you to the link for Signup that will allow you to sign up to work in the garden.
Lost and Found
Name: Mary Alyce Harpster On Tuesday, Aug 4 I lost a tool while working in the herb garden. It is a weed digger, about 12 inches long, straight except for a 90 degree ‘hook’ at the end. The handle is red/pink. Cannot recall if my name was on it.
Name: Claire Cotnoir Kalynn found this handsome weeding tool in the compost area today. It's now on the table outside the shed, near the Sluggo. (No this is not Mary Alyce's from above)

Garden Coordinator Needs Help
Name: Kathy Wolfe

Garden: Vegetable

Note to Interns: After discussions with the Garden Managers, we now have our two Intern slots available, both on Wednesday from 9 - 11:30 a.m. Ruth and I would enjoy working with you so please sign up! We will be doing some harvesting, tomato pruning, adding compost, watering and, of course, weeding. Bring your own gloves and tools. We’d love to see you!  Kathy
Name: Nancy Crowell

Garden: Meadow

Hello all - the Naturescape Meadow is now doing its thing. Grasses are starting to show seed heads and filling up the space. There's very little to do here - just minor weeding in the pathway that surrounds the meadow. I am usually there on Friday mornings (I have the 6-8:30 a.m. slot). If you happen to be working in the garden and notice that it seems excessively dry, I did add two grasses that could use a little water - they are are right by the main sign in the very middle of the Meadow (the one that describes the renovation in progress.) Other than that, just enjoy watching the grasses blow in the breeze. Next year I will replace the Hellenium that failed to take root last fall, add some more allium and wildflowers, but between now and then it should be extremely low maintenance.
Name: Madelyn Case and Anita Reetz

Garden: Enabling

On Wed, 8/12, we will not be using the three Enabling Garden slots (two veterans and one intern) for 09:00-11:30 if any other garden would like to use them.


sluggo loc1 copy
sluggo loc2 copy