Winter Discovery Garden          
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Tuesday (November 19) is the final Garden Announcement for the season.

Message from your Garden Managers

Welcome all to winter in the Discovery Garden! Even though our water is turned off for the season, opportunities for an enjoyable visit abound. Many of us will still be working there in the winter. Join us, even if you are just there for a stroll. Invite a friend, partner, or small child and shake off those winter day blues with a visit to the Garden. Just dress warmly and walk around to simply enjoy her winter splendor. Seek out what’s new - birds, bugs, flowers, the curious bark of the exposed trees… Remember, we built this garden to be enjoyed year round. The best way to keep our Discovery Garden safe is by filling it with the smiling faces of those who enjoy gardens in all seasons.

Much of the garden etiquette that we follow in the summer continues to be important. While there, as always, please observe the following procedures:

  • Wear your identification badge even when just visiting.
  • Observe the 5 mph campus speed limit and make sure you are wearing your seatbelt. Visibility can be low and pedestrians may be hard to see.
  • Sign in and sign out so we know who is in the Garden in an emergency. There is a cell phone hooked up on top of the file cabinet in the Shed that will dial 911 if you have a problem.
  • Chop any garden waste you deliver to the composting area—Remember: place horsetail in the “yuck” bin. Even the smallest bit can grow a new plant! Let’s not re-infect our precious beds.
  • Clean garden tools and return them to their proper storage location after you use them.

A couple of wintertime advisories this year:

  • Do not wander around the NWREC campus. Dan Gorton, WSU NWREC Facilities Manager, reports there have been several small thefts around the facilities in the last few months and they are on alert for ne’er do wells.
  • Keep the Shed doors locked when you are working in the Garden. With fewer of us around, we don’t want members of the public wandering into the Shed.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you see something or someone that needs immediate attention, report the situation at the NWREC front desk or call 911.
  • Ideally, try not to work in the Garden alone – bring a buddy!

As a final note, our Discovery Garden misses those of you who abandon her for the winter. Consider visiting the Garden this winter. Drop the Garden Managers a line if you come across something that needs a little attention. Feel free to pick that weed that has emerged and is covered with seed heads. Admire the work of the last season now that our summer has flowed into fall and will soon become winter. Grab your camera and take a few shots. Discover how flooded your new flower bed really is.  You get it.

Thank you and see you in the Garden!

Jean Longspaugh    -

Debi Kirac              -

Janet Kowalski        -


Announcements for November 19, 2019
Garden Coordinator Needs Help

Garden: Rose

Date: 11/19

Hi all! We'll be working in the Rose Garden, still pulling infected leaves, weeding and hauling mulch if we can find some. You are welcome to help!

Thanks, Virgene, Molly, Karen and Victor

Laurie & Jessamyn

Garden: Plant House

Date 11/19

**Plant House team will work on Tuesdays 9:30 - noon through November 19 unless the temperature is below 35 degrees.