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1. Read Safety Guidelines for Demonstration Garden Maintenance
2. SignUp for a slot (click on the logo to the right)
3. Interns - make sure a Veteran will be present
4. On the day of your work before coming into the Garden, complete a Online COVID Attestation or send an email/text to Alex duPont.
If you will not be able to use your slot, please remove your name from to free the slot for another MG.  Click here to get a personal email of all your SignUps

Submit a Garden Announcement

Tell everyone where you need help, provide an update on your garden, report a lost tool, or just share information.  The deadline for weekly inputs is Friday at midnight for the weekend email to the Garden Workers distribution list.

Discovery Garden Announcements (Updated May 23)

Email the Garden Managers

General Info
Garden Managers The grass alley and grass parking areas are now open for traffic.


Webmaster Kay I am off on travel for 3 weeks, so the online Garden Announcements will not be updated for a while after this issue. In the interim, the Garden Managers will send email updates on any important information.
Garden Coordinator Needs Help
Laurie & Jessamyn


Plant House

Peonies and Epimediums are just two kinds of the huge assortment of plants for sale this week!

The plant sale is May 25-29th! Details on how to SignUp to shop for yourself and neighbors can be found by clicking here.  We could use help setting up on Tuesday morning. Sign up in an 'Open to All' spot to work with us. This will be your opportunity to scope out the plants before you shop!

Kathy Wolfe

Vegetable Garden

The Vegetable Garden is finally coming together nicely! Cool weather crops are planted and those needing more warmth will be added in the next few weeks. Come by to take a look and chat with us! We always have a project or two that could use some help. Our regular work day is Thursday mornings and we would love you to come work with us. If that time doesn’t fit, give Ruth Sutton or me a call to see what we can work out.
Nancy Crowell

Naturescape Meadow

Hello! You may have noticed that the grass pathway has recently been installed next to the Naturescape Meadow. Except, there's no grass yet! The seeds are there though, and the pathway needs watering on a regular basis. If you are so inclined and happen to be in the garden, it would be lovely if you would spend about 15 minutes watering it. Note: there are hoses both in the Plant House area and between Joe's Garden & the Enabling Garden. I take my own nozzle with me, but you can also use your thumb to create a spray. The hose next to Joe's Garden is old and kinks. The one in the Plant House / Green House area, if not in use, is much more pliable. Thanks in advance for your help. Nancy
Nancy Crowell

Naturescape Meadow

Hi - if you're in the garden looking for something to kill time, the Naturescape Meadow could use some weeding along the edges. Please just pull creeping buttercup, shotweed, dandelions. If you can identify bluebells, feel free to dig them out or just cut them off. thanks, Nancy
Beverly Dale-Crunk


I'm looking for a co-cordinator for this garden. It's a fun garden, but of course has weeding just like any other garden. But we enjoy the wonderful blooms and many colors. Please contact me via email or phone if you want to know more. This job doesn't take lots of experience so interns and vets all are welcome. Hope to hear from you!

Garden: Composting

We sure could use some help in the compost area: turning bins, chopping debris, weeding, clean up. An hour or two of pitching in would make a great difference. If anyone is interested, please show up on Monday mornings between 9 am to noon, thanks for considering.


Standing Notes:

Capacity - Increased to 15 people in the outdoor areas of the Discovery Garden.

SignUp - If a specific Garden slot has not been reserved prior to 5pm the night before it can be considered "Open to All." Interns, please make sure a Team Leader is available when you sign up. Please refer to the Discovery Garden Contact List to contact Coordinators if you would like to spend time in one of the gardens where there isn't a specific time slot identified.

COVID - Wear masks at all times and no eating in the garden.  We all must continue to use Sign-up and complete attestations.

Parking - Parking is now available in the field by NW Fruit.  Use common sense if it has been rainy. 

Restroom - Open for DG workers. There is a lockbox in the Gazebo with our key inside. Combo is 1607. Call or text Janet or Debi if you forget the number. Our restroom is on the right towards Naturescape. Please spray sanitizer on handles when done. Please leave it clean and lock it back up when you are done.

Main Shed  - closed due to COVID restrictions until further notice. Please bring your own tools and gloves.

Wheelbarrow and Shovel - available for use outside the shed. Combo is 1607.

Wheelbarrow Shed - There is a lock box on the front of the main shed (see pix on right). The combo is 1607. When using the shed, remember to spray sanitizer (inside by door) on touched surfaces when you are done. Don't forget to lock up.

Compost Piles - If you use compost mulch from the parking area, please recover it with the silver tarp and rocks provided. There is remaining La Conner compost in the large bin north of the Shed for gardens in that area. There is also compost from our DG generated process available in the compost area. When the grass alley can handle a heavy truck, then that compost storage bin will also be replenished.

Please do not put any dirt in the yuck, burn or trash bins. We cannot burn dirt in the burn pile and dirt is heavy and expensive to haul away. We appreciate the fact that you are placing the bittercress in the yuck bin, but please get rid of the dirt before you place the heavily seed weeds in the yuck bin.

Composting - Since the wheelbarrow shed is open, you also have access to the machetes. It would be appreciated if you chop your weeds into compost bin #1.

Lost and Found - Lost and Found will again be located on the East side of the main shed on the top shelf. Please place all found items here.

Tool Sharpening - Don Ham has volunteered to sharpen tools. There are two boxes in the wheelbarrow shed marked "Tools to be Sharpened" and "Sharpened Tools". Mark your tools with your name and let him know any instructions. Tape and a pen are in the box.

Pesticide Use - Click here to download the Pesticide Approval Form.  Please email the Garden Managers BEFORE applying pesticides to your garden. Advance notice through email is the only way we can notify your fellow Gardeners that you are using pesticides. Glyphosate (Round Up) and Pre-emergents (Preen) are included in the notice requirement. You do not have to declare the use of Sluggo (Iron Phosphate).

Grants - SCMGF has a Grants team. We are responsible for submitting grant applications when appropriate. If you have a budget request that cannot be met with our regular budget, we might be able to get the funds needed through a grant. Please fill out the grant application request form and submit it via email to :

DG Budget - The current budget is always posted on the Members Corner under the Foundation and Board Financial tab.