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  3. Veterans, preferably a GC, must supervise Interns and assure all safety protocols are followed.

5. On the day of your work before coming into the Garden, complete a Online COVID Attestation or send an email/text to Alex duPont.  This is also an NWREC requirement.

REMINDER: If you will not be able to use your slot, please remove your name from to free the slot for another MG.

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Discovery Garden Announcements (Updated September 28th)
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This Week's Announcements
Garden Manager Notes
Topic: Deliveries

The weather is predicted to be stunning this week. Lots of sunshine and lovely temperatures. Now is the time to be in your garden getting ready for winter.

Perennials need tending and weeds are returning after the rain. See you in the garden!

Topic: Silal Native Garden Sale The Native Garden will be holding its annual plant sale this weekend Oct 2nd - 4th. They will be using the gravel parking lot and the area in front of the restrooms. All sales are pre-ordered, people will be driving by to pick up their plants. There will be a lot of activity near the garden. Please give them lots of room.
Garden Coordinator Needs Help
Name: Anita Davis

Garden: Japanese


The Japanese Garden is looking for someone to help in their garden. It may look good, but it needs a lot of work to keep it looking that way. Learn how to maintain a sand garden, come up with new ideas for pruning and maintenance, and give general ideas on how to update the existing garden. We work all winter weather permitting. Both interns and veterans are welcome.   Join us!
Name: Laurie

Garden: Plant House

Do you have a mature peony in your yard? If you would like to share it, contact Laurie or Jessamyn for details on how to do that.

There are IRIS still available at the Pavilion. Last chance - they will be composted at the end of the week!

MAGNIFYING GLASS - Plant House needs one. Do you have an extra?

Garden: Vegetable

Name: Kathy Wolfe

The Vegetable Garden is in its final season-ending push to harvest, clear debris and refresh the beds with compost. This is a big chore over a large area and Ruth and I could really use some help from Interns and Veteran MGs. Wednesday is our official workday but if you can’t make that but would like to assist, please email, text or call one of us to arrange a time and job. Any help would be appreciated! We would like to have this completed by the end of October. Thanks!
General Info
Topic: N.W. portal and path (#12)

Name: Bill Prichard

The path materials are arriving and am anxious to begin but I think it will be couple of weeks before I start. Please help keep an eye on the materials for me, as I need to fulfill a commitment in Winthrop before starting.  Thanks, Bill
Topic: Local Food Banks

Name: Alix Foster


For those of you who have an abundance of produce that you would like to donate to a local Food Bank, here is a list of Food banks currently accepting private food donations.  Note that I except as stated below.  have provided contact information should you need it, but it is not necessary to call ahead.  Finally, there are other food banks in the County, but I have been unable to reach them to date or they are not accepting private food donations at this time.  I will update this list should I learn of others accepting donations.

Tri-Parish Food Bank, St. Charles Catholic Church, 935 Peterson Road, Burlington.  Contacts:  Lilia Ortiz (360-610-1851); Bonnie Baker (360-380-0383).  Accepting donations on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

LaConner Sunrise Food Bank, 601 South Second, LaConner.  Contact:  360-488-3878.  Accepting donations on Mondays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Farmworkers Center, Catholic Community Services, 2727 East College Way, Mount Vernon.  Contact Guillermina (360-424-8655).  Call ahead before donating.

Transitions Fidalgo Food Stands, Share the Bounty

3 Locations:
- 2509 H Avenue, Anacortes
- Anacortes Library, 122010th Avenue, Anacortes-- by front door
- Harbor House at 719 Q Avenue, Anacortes

All three food stands are open 24/7 and restocked daily.  These locations are self-donation places as well as self-serve.

Topic: Bamboo Stakes

Name: Kay Torrance

We have been rejuvenating the bamboo hedge in Naturescape.  If you need any small bamboo stakes, you can help yourself to a stack of trimmings by the shed (just around the corner from the yuck bin). The average size when trimmed is 1/8" to 1/4" diameter by around 2-3'.  Great for small plants/starts.
Garden Manager Status Report
Areas Closed  Shed/Bathrooms/Water Fountains/Pavilion
Lost and Found  Place found items in storage area on front side of shed
Composting  Open.  You do not need to chop your compost, but please put in the proper area per signage.  Please put horse tail pieces in the yuck bin.
Parking  Please park in the grassy area by NW Fruit.  Please do not block the gated entrance by the Rhodie Garden.  This area is reserved for deliveries.
Sluggo  Located in storage area at front of shed. Please use it and return it within 15 min.
Wheelbarrow  Located at shed.  Combo is 1607.
Pesticide Use  Fill out a pesticide application form. The protocols for applying pesticides must be strictly followed after permission is received. This includes roping your area off with caution tape. The application form allows us to evaluate the appropriateness of the request and to notify all garden workers before applying the pesticide.