2021 Master Gardeners Only Plant Sale

(Updated June 2)

Thank you to Master Gardeners that shopped for themselves and friends at last week’s sale. It was a great success but many fabulous treasures still await you! See the Updated Perennial List to see what is available now.

There is a rainbow of Astilbe varieties that are ready to bloom, the bees are collecting pollen from the Japanese Peonies, and the hummingbirds love the blooming Kniphofia! Take a stroll around the Plant House to find a gem for your yard that you and your pollinators will enjoy for years! Check out the Updated Perennial List (attached) for grape, fig, and berry varieties.  There are MANY plants for $5 or less!

The Plant House Team will continue to offer plants for sale to Master Gardeners by appointment. Contact Laurie Johnson (whitejohn1@comcast.net) to arrange an appointment to shop or to make sure a Plant House Team Member will be present in the garden. A Plant House Team Member is usually in the garden Tuesday or Thursday mornings for the 9 am to 11:30 am work shift.

This Thursday ONLY (June 3rd), the Garden Managers have created three one-hour Plant Sale/Open to All shopping time slots (9am - 10am, 10am - 11am, 11am - 12pm) which will accommodate 5 shoppers each. You must sign up to be in the Discovery Garden, submit an attestation the day you are there, wear a mask, and bring boxes for your purchases. Only cash or checks will be accepted for payment.

ONLY Master Gardeners and Interns are allowed to purchase plants. However, we encourage you to share the list of available plants with your friends, family, and neighbors so that you can purchase and pick up plants for them as well. We can tally individual orders so you have separate $ totals if needed.

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