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Discovery Garden Weekly Announcements

Weekly Garden Walk

Garden Managers

This garden has brought back a 15 minute walk to one garden each week. Garden Coordinators will briefly talk about their garden and point out some of their plants.  This is a fun way to learn about all the garden rooms and learn about some of the features in that space.  Please listen for the "bell" at 11:45.

**** This week's garden walk will be the Herb Garden ****

Yuck Bin

  • Add file attachements
  • Add file attachements

Deborah Smeltzer

The 2 Yuck Bins were cleared out on June 19th. It is very difficult to remove thorny rose debris when mixed with other items. PLEASE NOTE that going forward (see photos):


LEFT BIN - All other weeds and diseased material.

NO NUTSEDGE (goes in garbage).

No soil clods (grass sod goes into the Sod bin in the Compost area).

No plastic or plant tags. No metal. No tools.


Hallie Kintner

There will be a meeting of those signed up to volunteer at the Open House on Tuesday, June 25th at 10:30.

We will provide an overview of the event and review procedures for volunteers.

Drip irrigation projects this summer

Bobbi Lemme

  • Add a main line for the memorial roses in the rose garden
  • split Four Seasons into two lines
  • add irrigation to the front door garden
  • upgrade timers in Naturescape and Joe’s Place
  • add sprinklers to Doc’s Arbor

Anyone else need something to be added?

Class of 2024 to announce gift on June 25

Kari Ranten

The Master Gardener Class of 2024 will announce their class gift to the program during the potluck at the Discovery Garden on Tuesday, June 25. We look forward to a great turn out of interns and veterans for this brief presentation during the noon hour. Also, the Class of 2024 will provide fixings for strawberry shortcake - featuring local berries - so, dessert will be served! Our class very much appreciates the kindness, leadership and vast sharing of expertise from all of the Master Gardeners. We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks as we look forward to certification and continuing to learn and volunteer in this amazing program. Hope to see you on June 25!

Class of 2024

Cottage Garden Co-Coordinator

Kathie Hansen

We are also pleased to announce that Jessie Nutting has agreed join Karen Bruce as co-coordinator of the Cottage Garden.

That's 3 positions filled this past week. Way to go Class of 2023!!!


Bobbi Lemme

Let me know if you have any concerns about irrigation!

**** UPDATE **** Entrance Garden Coordinator(s)

Garden Managers


We are very happy to announce that Wendy LaPrade has agreed to take on the role of Coordinator of the Entrance Garden but we are still looking for a co-coordinator to work with her. Please consider this position and help make the first impression of our gardens a big "wow".

We are still in need of a coordinator or two for the Entrance Garden.  This is a very important garden (they all are in their own way) and this garden is our first impression for visitors as they enter. It  has been cleaned up a bit and still needs attention and maintenance. This can be a fun garden for a creative gardener. Challenge yourself to help create a low maintenance fabulous garden on a small budget!! It can be done. We also need a veteran to be with any interns that would like to help out.  Thanks for listening again.

***** UPDATE *****Looking for New Children's Garden Coordinators

Glee Blank

***Update*** We are pleased to announce that Sue Wren has agreed to be one of co-coordinators of this garden. We are still in need of one or two more to work with her to continue updating and enhancing this popular garden.

New Children's Garden Coordinators Needed:  A great chance to come to play every Tuesday with 1 or 2 of your favorite fellow MGs as the new leaders!  Sandbox, bee house, birdbath, hopscotch, checkerboard, real boat and nearby water, sunflower house with a turtle inside, statues, chimes, slide, and more PLUS a garden to dig in!  If this sounds good to you, please contact Glee Blank or one of the Garden Managers soon.

Doc's Arbor

Julie Powell

Want to thank Sue for all the help weeding last week in the Blueberry Patch. Great job

This week I will be moving mulch into the Blueberry patch.  I will be using compost from in the bins in our own composted mulch.  This looks very woody but as it decomposes it help to drop the PH down.  The blueberries love it.

The small garden on the far side of the arbor  also needs weeding and the same mulch used there.  Herta also knows which mulch we use    Thanks to all for your help    Julie

Rose Garden


Hi all!  We really appreciate the help we have been getting and are making good progress.  However there are still  projects that need work and a couple projects coming up in the near future.  So if you can spare an hour or so come smell the roses!  Thanks! See you in the garden!

Vegetable Garden

Ruth Sutton

We would love help in the vegetable garden next week.  This is a busy time of year for us keeping up with weeding, putting in plants and direct seeded for future harvest. Hope to see some of you join us.

Plant House

Laurie Johnson

Stop by the Plant House on Tuesday to help us prepare for the Open House plant sale. We will be sorting, grooming and pricing plants and also sprucing up our work space.

Laurie & Jessamyn

Welcome Garden

Julie Powell

This is a small but need a little help job.  Just a little weeding, fertilizing, add a small amount of the  LA Conner mulch around the plants. Make sure the sprinkler heads are not covered.     Thanks,   Julie

Naturescape Meadow

Nancy Crowell

Anyone willing to help me removed detritus and add some compost to the edges of the Naturescape Meadow on Tuesday would be greatly appreciated. Just want to tidy up a bit before our Open House. No heavy lifting, the job just goes faster with more than one person.


Children’s Garden

Sue Wren

Children’s Garden needs children’s books for the free book library. Drop off in the children’s garden or leave in the shed. The kids thank you! Also, if you have any sand box toys the kids would love those too.


Teryl Rhodes

We could really use some help digging one dead Heather plant out on Tuesday. We have a new plant to replace it that we would like to have in for Open House.

It would be very much appreciated!

Teryl and Robin

Heather Garden

Rose Garden


Hi all!  We're making good progress in bringing the rose garden together before the June 29th open house.  Thanks to our intern helpers last week, Birch and Stephen, and to all others in previous weeks.  We still have projects in the works and general maintenance of the roses, so can always use help with dead heading, removing black spot leaves, mowing and weeding. Hope to see you in the Rose Garden. Thanks!

Welcome Garden

Julie Powell

Thanks to all who helped last week.  We will be doing last minute weeds, and a good shot of fertilizer to make the area look great.  Thanks for all your help.   Julie