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Discovery Garden Weekly Announcements

Ask A Master Gardener Day in the Garden

Ask A Master Gardener Day Planning Team

The Discovery Garden looks great!. The unusually heavy crop of weeds has been challenging, we know! Thank you for all of your hard work. As a Garden  Coordinator you will receive a separate email about what you need to know and details about the Day in the Garden.

The Plant House will be selling plants and could use some cardboard boxes to send home these treasures with our customers. If you have one or two appropriate size boxes, please bring them to the garden this Tuesday. Leave them under the tables that line the path to the Native Plant Garden

Vegetable Garden

Kathy Wolfe

The Vegetable Garden could use help this coming Tuesday, June 21. We hope to bring in more bark to finish off our pathways, plant more seeds and starts, and get the garden beautified for the upcoming Ask the Master Gardener Day. Please come join us!

Compost Delivery Tuesday am

Garden Co-Managers

Alex Dupont and I will be delivering a load of La Conner Compost on Tuesday am, to the large compost bin on the west side of the garden.  We expect to arrive 9-9:30am.  The truck has a 'dump' feature, but there will be some remaining in the truck bed and we'll need a couple of folks to help remove it.  It should only take a few minutes, so if you can help out, it would be much appreciated.

2022 class hosting lunch on June 21.

Michele Lobitz

Hi All,

The 2022 class is hosting lunch on June 21st to thank all of you who have shared your knowledge and time to help make us successful MG's. We especially want to make sure the training team attends.
We will provide the entire meal.
MG's bring your plates, utensils, and cups.

Thank you to all from the 22 class!


Thistles and tall weeds in Heather Garden

Garden Co-Managers

If anyone could take an hour to pull out the thistle and weeds from the east section of the Heather Garden, it would help us look our best for Ask a Master Gardener Day.  We don't have a dedicated coordinator for this garden, and while much of it has been weeded, this one section nearest the rose garden has really gotten out of hand in the past week or so. (Please put thistles in the Yuck bin)

Standing Notes for the Garden

Garden Co-Managers

Sign In / Sign Out - Use the Sign In sheets in the Shed, Plant House or Greenhouse to sign in with the date, your name, the time you started working in the garden, where you worked in the garden and the time you left the garden.  Be sure to Sign Out when you depart.

Driving/Parking - 5 mph speed limit on NWREC property. Park in the gravel lot, or along the rose garden. No parking in the grass near the elm trees, or along the NW Fruit garden.  It’s still too wet.

Tools - Please clean your tools and wheelbarrows before you put them away.

Compost Area Guidelines

- NUTSEDGE, PLASTIC, METAL goes in the TRASH. This includes plant tags, wire, stakes, string, plastic sheeting, zip ties, etc. Try to be alert to foreign objects that do not belong in the compost (or the chipper) and remove them to the garbage.
- ROSES, HORSETAIL, SPOTTED SPURGE, and DISEASED MATERIAL goes in the YUCK bin. Remove dirt first. This is taken to the NWREC burn pile or municipal waste.
- Knock all SOIL off green or woody material and leave in your garden area. SOD goes in the SOD BIN. Shake off soil and separate it from your greens. Soil does not make compost.
- CHOP ALL GREENS into bins #1 or #2. Long grasses and day lilies must be chopped - do NOT put in the Brown Bin. They will foul the chipper and disable the machine resulting in costly repairs.
- WOODY materials need to be laid straight into the BROWN BIN for easy removal. Diameter of the sticks should be no more than 2.5 inches. Bent and heavily branched sticks need to be trimmed. Woody material is processed in our chipper. Your prep effort means the Compost Team can spend less time processing all the material and less fuel running the noisy chipper.

If you are not sure where something should go, read the signage, or ask. When in doubt, put it in the Yuck Bin or the trash. See below for information on problem weeds.

Compost Piles - La Conner compost/mulch is in the large bin north of the Shed. There is also compost from our DG generated process available in the compost area.

Sluggo - located in the wheelbarrow shed inside the cabinet to the right of the door as you walk in.

Lost and Found - Lost and Found is located in the box in the center of the shed.

Pesticide Use - Click here to download the Pesticide Approval Form.  Please email the Garden Managers BEFORE applying pesticides to your garden. Advance notice through email is the only way we can notify your fellow Gardeners that you are using pesticides. Glyphosate (Round Up) and Pre-emergents (Preen) are included in the notice requirement. You do not have to declare the use of Sluggo (Iron Phosphate).

Grants - SCMGF has a Grants team. We are responsible for submitting grant applications when appropriate. If you have a budget request that cannot be met with our regular budget, we might be able to get the funds needed through a grant. Please fill out the grant application request form and submit it via email to :

Budget - The current budget is always posted on the Members Corner under the Foundation and Board Financial tab.  Click here to put in a reimbursement request.