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Discovery Garden Weekly Announcements

Announcing Weekly Garden Walks

Garden Managers

This garden has brought back a 15 minute walk to one garden each week. Garden Coordinators will briefly talk about their garden and point out some of their plants.  This is a fun way to learn about all the garden rooms and learn about some of the features in that space.  Please listen for the "bell" at 11:45.

!!!! There will NOT be a garden walk this week due to the Tomato and Emporium Pre-sale !!!


Entrance Garden Coordinator(s)

Garden Managers

We are still in need of a coordinator or two for the Entrance Garden.  This is a very important garden (they all are in their own way) and this garden is our first impression for visitors as they enter. It  has been cleaned up a bit and still needs attention and maintenance. This can be a fun garden for a creative gardener. Challenge yourself to help create a low maintenance fabulous garden on a small budget!! It can be done. We also need a veteran to be with any interns that would like to help out.  Thanks for listening again.

Looking for New Children's Garden Coordinators

Glee Blank

New Children's Garden Coordinators Needed:  A great chance to come to play every Tuesday with 1 or 2 of your favorite fellow MGs as the new leaders!  Sandbox, bee house, birdbath, hopscotch, checkerboard, real boat and nearby water, sunflower house with a turtle inside, statues, chimes, slide, and more PLUS a garden to dig in!  If this sounds good to you, please contact Glee Blank or one of the Garden Managers soon.

Plant Fair Boxes

Claire Cotnoir

Box collection is ramping up! Bring them to the DG on Tuesdays—they will be picked up and stored until Plant Fair. Please snag extra boxes wherever they are available, when you’re out and about or shopping at places like Costco. Do not break them down. We need them intact and ready to use. Thank you!

Tuesday, April 16 - Tulip Tour - Limited parking at DG

Deborah Smeltzer

This is a reminder that there is a Tulip Tour scheduled for Tuesday, April 16. Two tour vehicles will arrive at about 9:00 AM and remain at the DG until 10 or 10:30 AM. This means that parking spaces will be limited and the Garden Docents will be blocking parking spaces next to the DG fence. PLEASE try to carpool. If you cannot, then park in the NWREC paved lot or the grassy area. Thank you for your cooperation and for making our visitors welcome.

This is a tour group of about 16 women from all over the United States traveling with a company that caters to small group travel for like-minded conservative women over 45.



Bobbi Lemme

Thanks to Sandra we have water in the garden again for the plant house and GH, but I need to go around and test each irrigation box to be sure we have no leaks. I am planning on doing this starting on Monday. If you have yellow flagging tape on your faucet, it means that the system has been tested and currently there are no leaks. Eventually I would like coordinators to test their own systems and let us know if there are leaks but if you’re not comfortable doing this, let us know! You can tear off a piece of the flagging tape to put where you find a leak, hopefully down the road!



Plant House

Laurie & Jessamyn

We are looking for Astilbe from your yard or the Discovery Garden to divide in the next couple of weeks. Named varieties are great but we are happy to take any Astilbe that you can tell us the color and approximate height of the bloom. Contact Laurie or Jessamyn for details on when to bring them to the plant house.

**We are happy to dig in the DG....just point us to the right spot!

Enabling Garden

Anita Reetz

Please run this announcement 4/9,16,23. Enabling garden will need general maintenance for three Tuesdays in April: clean up of the ground level beds, sweep the pavers and most important WATER THE CARNIVOROUS PLANTS.  Madelyn and Anita will be vacationing in Portugal 4/9-23.



Alix Foster

As I’ve come back from Spain with a nasty bug, I’m unable to work in the Pollinator Gardens this next week and ask for one or more volunteers to bring the gardens into shape if they still need it- particularly in light of the anticipated Tulip crowds.  If  plants need pruning, go for it.  I’m sure there’s weeding to be done- unless some kind volunteer has already stepped up to help this past week.
thank you!


Ruth Sutton

  • With spring upon us we are busy bees in the vegetable garden. We could use help seeding and moving trellises.

Rose Garden


Hi all!  The rose garden is making progress with pruning, but still has a long way to go.  We also have other projects in the works for spring, so please help if you can. Thanks!  See you in the garden.

Rhody Garden

Beverly Dale-Crunk


I love to have help adding compost and dirt to the area that we are renovating.

Be sure to admire the beautiful red Taurus rhodys.

Also, I need a ride to downtown Mt. Vernon after the Know and Grow. Let me know if you are going that direction. Thanks!

Doc's Garden

Julie Powell

This week we will  be cutting back the grape vines to 2 buds on each side of the center stalk and installing new support wires. The hardest part will be reinstalling the new wire support lines. It has been a few years since we have done this severe pruning so we will need some MGs who have experience with this project and can string the wire.   Thanks      Julie