Originally planted by members of the North Cascade Fuchsia Society, all the varieties in this garden are hardy enough to survive Skagit County winters. Even in the shade of the pavilion, the garden blooms in beautiful colors from early summer until frost.

Fushsia Garden Plant List

Botanical NameCultivarCommon nameTreeNative
Fuchsia magellanica var. molinae 'Alba'
Fuchsia 'Army Nurse'
Fuchsia magellanica 'Aurea'
Fuchsia 'Beacon Rosa'
Fuchsia 'Black Prince'
Fuchsia 'Cardinal'
Fuchsia 'Celia Smedley'
Fuchsia 'Chicken House'
Fuchsia 'Chillerton Beauty'
Fuchsia 'Contance'
Fuchsia 'Debrons Beau Dean Richard'
Fuchsia 'Dollar Princess'
Fuchsia 'Drame'
Fuchsia 'Dying Embers'
Fuchsia 'Empress of Prussia'
Fuchsia 'Erecta Novelty'
Fuchsia 'Flash'
Fuchsia 'Heidi Weiss'
Fuchsia 'Herald'
Fuchsia 'Howlett's Hardy'
Fuchsia 'Papoose'
Fuchsia 'Peter Pan'
Fuchsia 'President'
Fuchsia 'Riccatonii'
Fuchsia 'Santa Claus'
Fuchsia 'Santa Cruz'
Fuchsia magellanica 'Thompsonii'
Fuchsia encliandra 'White Encliandra'white encliandra
Fuchsia regiaclimbing fuchsia
Fuchsia procumbensgroundcover fuchsia