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VarietyTypeDaysDay RangeGrowth HabitSeed TypeDisease ResistanceDescriptionPicture
Abe LincolnSlicer7566-75IndeterminateHeirloomProduces brilliant red, round, medium-sized tomatoes. Delicious flavor enjoyed since 1923.
Alaskan FancyPlum5540-65IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedEarly plum tomatoes, excellent for short-season summers. Pear-shaped, bright red, with juicy flavor. Abundant yields for salads and canning. Fruits are 2 x 1-1/2 and weigh about 2 oz. each.
Amana OrangeSlicer8576-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomEasy to grow heirloom tomato is a favorite among vegetable gardeners! Amana Orange produces huge tomatoes weighing up to 2 pounds and measuring up to 5" in diameter. Mildly flavored beefsteak type.
American Original BeefsteakSlicer6540-65IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HybridLarge, 12 to 14 oz beefsteak fruits bred to hold their texture and flavor longer after picking. Packed with exactly the right amount of flavor for fresh eating in salads and on sandwiches.
Amish Gold SlicerSalad8076-90IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedBeautiful 3 to 4" round slicer, a trial favorite year after year. Fruits are blemish free, very firm and have excellent flavor. Great for fresh eating and canning. Extremely productive.
Amish PastePlum8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomUltimate paste tomato for seed savers. Giant, blocky, Roma-type fruits have delicious red flesh that is perfect for paste and canning. It has world-class flavor and comes from an Amish community.
ApplegateSalad7566-75IndeterminateHybridF1, N, TMVCascading clusters of 2 inch saladette tomatoes heavily drape these indeterminate plants. Unlike greenhouse tomatoes that you might buy at the grocery, Applegate is full of rich, tomato flavor.
Arbason F1 organicSlicer8076-90IndeterminateHybridF1, V, TMVReliable and high yielding that produces fruits up to 7-9 oz.
Arkansas TravelerSlicer8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomProduces large, bountiful crops even during the heat of summer. Beautiful dark pink tomatoes are very flavorful and sweet. 6-8 oz.
Azoychka RussianSlicer7066-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomProductive and hardy Russian heirloom producing an abundant crop of up to 50 tomatoes per plant of smooth. Average 3” friuts are slightly flattened, meaty, yellow/orange coloured, sweet citrusy flavor.
Salad5540-65DeterminateOpen-PollinatedExtremely compact plants, loaded with fruit, tend to creep rather than grow tall and would be perfect in a hanging basket or patio container. Rich and balanced flavor, especially for an early type. 1 ½" round fruit.
BeefsteakSlicer8076-90IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedBrilliant red fruits weigh up to 2 pounds. Solid, meaty and juicy with a rich sub-acid flavor.
BelliniCherry6540-65IndeterminateHybridLarge-fruited orange cocktail tomato with great flavor. Great texture and good crack resistance. Good general disease resistance.
Best BoySlicer7566-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HybridF1, V, NSix foot+ vigorous vines that produce heavy yields of bright red, 8 oz fruit with no green shoulders or white core over a long season.
Better BoySlicer7566-75IndeterminateHybridF1, V, N, St/L, ADeep red beefsteak-type tomatoes. Very flavorful, with flesh that's juicy yet firm. A highly adaptable variety that thrives in nearly any climate.
BHN 589 F1Slicer7566-75DeterminateHybridF2, V, TMVA surprising combination of fruit quality, shelf life, flavor, and disease resistance. Semi-determinate plants are larger than compact determinates. Also excellent in a hoop house or greenhouse.
Big BeefSlicer7366-75IndeterminateHybridF2, N, St/L, A, TMVAAS Winner. Red, beefsteak-type tomato. Old-time tomato flavor, early to bear, and highly disease resistant. A good choice in any climate.
Big Beef PlusSlicer7566-75IndeterminateHybridHR: A/F2/FOR/St-L/ToMV/ToTV/V, IR: Ma/TSWVBeefsteak with improved disease resistance. Big, round, beefy fruits weighing 7 ½ to 8 ½ oz. Excellent old-time tomato flavor and great texture.
Big RainbowSlicer8576-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomKnown for their large size, sweet flavor, and gorgeous appearance. Bring great tasting fruit to the dinner table. Their mild flavor makes them ideal for salads.
BisonSalad6866-75DeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomPlants produce huge amounts of 2-3", red, round tomatoes that have exceptional, rich, complex and slightly acidic flavors. This is a great canning and salad tomato.
Black CherryCherry7066-75IndeterminateHeirloomDusky brown, large grape-size fruit. Rich black tomato flavor. Prolific vines.
Black KrimSlicer8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomDark reddish-purple to black beefsteak fruits with shiny black/green shoulders. Rich sweet flavor. Fairly early, very prolific.
Black PrinceSalad7066-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomThese deep garnet round, 2-inch (2-3 oz.) tomatoes are full of juice and incredibly rich fruity flavors. This is a tomato that chefs rave about for it's rich flavors. The small fruits contain deep rich colors on the inside.
Black Sea ManSlicer7566-75DeterminateHeirloomMedium sized fruits with brown-black skins and pink shoulders. Rich, tangy tomato flavor. A hardy Russian heirloom.
Black StrawberryCherry60
40-65IndeterminateFantastic, sugar-sweet tomato flavor that is fruity with a hint of grape and plum flavors. This 1 oz. fruit is marbled in blue, scarlet, and gold, with perfectly sweet and tart balanced flavor.
Black VernissageCherry7566-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedBeautiful "black" tomato that has an iridescent greenish-red pattern on its skin. Sweet, slightly smokey flavor. 2-4 ounces with fairly thick walls.
Bloody ButcherSalad5540-65IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomA small 3-4 oz "cluster" tomato. Fruit are deep red in color and have a nice tomato flavor. Production is really good,
Bonny BestSalad7676-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomA famous old canning tomato. Medium-sized fruits are round, red, meaty and loaded with flavor. A good producer that makes a fine slicer too. Becoming hard to find.
Boy-Oh-BoySlicer6966-75DeterminateHeirloom, HybridA main-season, standard beefsteak hybrid. Excellent flavor, solid flesh with few seeds. Fruits are produced on large, disease resistant plants over a long season. Pplants bear large, 1-pound reddish-pink, flattened fruit.
Brandywine PinkSlicer8576-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomLarge potato-leaf vines yield some of the best tasting tomatoes. This huge tomato is so delicious it is worth the wait. Produces tomatoes up to 2 pounds. Flattened slicer.
Brandywine RedSlicer8076-90IndeterminateHeirloomBaseball-sized red fruits. Full of flavor. Very vigorous. One of the best-known heirloom tomato varieties.
BuffalosteakSlicer8076-90IndeterminateHybridHR: F/ToMV/V,
This prime beefsteak has solid, meaty, bright red flesh that’s robustly flavorful. Earlier and more productive than many similar varieties. Vigorous plants yield lots of 6 ½ oz fruit all season.
Bumble BeeCherry7066-75IndeterminateHybridCRStriped pink, purple, or yellow/orange bi-color; no two alike. 1 ½" tomatoes just under 2 oz. Juicy right off the vine or in a salad. Big plants produce big yields throughout the season.
Bush BeefsteakSlicer6240-65DeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomA wonderful, compact and prolific, short, bushy, determinate plant that grows to 3 feet, yields huge amounts of very early producing 8-10 oz. beefsteak tomatoes in clusters. A very popular variety for shorter growing regions.
Bush Champion IISlicer6540-65DeterminateHybridF1, N, St/L, AGood yields of 8 to 12 oz red tomatoes. They are very meaty and flavorful. Perfect for sandwiches, salads, and slicing.
Bush Early GirlSlicer6540-65DeterminateHybridF2, N, TMV, VThese extra-large, extra-early tomatoes grow on a true bush. The 4" across tasty red fruits are much bigger than Early Girl and ripen just 2 days later. The 18" plants are amazingly compact and self-supporting, yet productive.
CampariSalad7566-75IndeterminateHybridToMVA delicious tomato that withstands late blight and fruit cracking. Mid season. Indeterminate plants are 48-52 inches high with 48-52 inches spread and 2 oz fruits.
CarmelloSlicer7066-75IndeterminateHybridF1, St/L, N, TMV, ToMV, VThis exceptional tomato produces heavy clusters of round fruit on strong, uniform plants. Especially impressive in its generous-size fruit and well-developed flavor for such an early hybrid tomato.
Celebration F1Slicer7266-75DeterminateHybridF2, V, ToMVLarge, deep fruit.
CelebritySlicer7066-75Semi-DeterminateHybridF1, V, N, A, ToANVAAS winner. Firm red medium-large fruit. Flavorful, globe-shaped, mid-season. Widely adapted. A great, all-round choice.
Celebrity PlusSlicer7066-75DeterminateHybridV, St/L, A, HR: F2, HR: ToMVA hybrid F1 improvement on the original Celebrity tomato (an AAS Winner). The plant sets small perfect flowers followed by smooth, red tomatoes. Fruits are larger than the original Celebrity, weighing 7 to 8 ozs.
Chef's Choice BicolorSlicer7566-75IndeterminateHybridScabLarge, eye-catching fruits, 10 - 12 oz. each. Globe-shaped and delicious. Heirloom-type, pale yellow tomatoes brushed with deep red on the blossom end and throughout the yellow flesh. Vigorous plants, heavy yielders.
Chef's Choice OrangeSlicer7566-75IndeterminateHeirloomHR: TMVAAS Winner. Orange beefsteak. Very good flavor and texture. High yielding. Earlier and more productive than most orange beefsteaks.
Cherokee PurpleSlicer8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomNW Experts pick. Dusky pink with dark shoulders. Medium-large sized fruits. Rich flavor and texture. A favorite among heirloom enthusiasts.
Chianti RoseSlicer7876-90IndeterminateHeirloomNW Experts pick. This gorgeous, rosy-pink beefsteak is as intriguing and delicious as its name. Plants set heavy crops of old-timey-flavored tomatoes earlier than other large-fruited heirlooms.
Chocolate CherryCherry7066-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedThese cherries have an attractive port-wine colored flesh and skin with a comparably delicious and multi-faceted flavor. Produce trusses of 1 inch round fruit.
Chocolate PearCherry7066-75IndeterminateHeirloomHuge crops of "black” pear-shaped tomatoes over a very long season. Rich tomato flavor. Light red color overlaid with swirls of varying hues of green or brown.
Chocolate SprinklesCherry7066-75IndeterminateHybridF1, N, ToMVThe perfect balance of flavor, appearance, yield, and disease resistance. These elongated, bite-sized tomatoes have striking, forest green streaks over deep coppery-red, and a delightfully sweet taste.
CobraCherry7266-75IndeterminateHybridF2, V, LB, ToMVA preferred variety for the greenhouse or outdoors. Hefty globes grow on trusses of 6-7, averaging 7 oz apiece. For best results, prune the plants to 1 or 2 snakelike stems.
Cold SetSlicer6540-65DeterminateOpen-PollinatedRipens two weeks earlier than most. Produces 3-4 inch fruits.
Container's ChoiceSlicer7066-75DeterminateHybridF2, VA wonderful space-saving container variety featuring unique rogose (wrinkled) leaves. Sturdy plants produce high yields of bright red, 6 to 8 oz. flattened, beefsteak-type fruits. Ripens uniformly with no green shoulders.
Cosmonaut VolkovSlicer7266-75IndeterminateHeirloomVibrant red, medium-sized, slightly oblate, 3"-6" slicing tomato with crack resistance and superb flavor. Productive plants reach a manageable 5′ height. Excellent for fresh eating and processing.
Costoluto GenoveseSlicer8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomFluted, old Italian favorite. Fruit is flattened and attractive with deep ribbing. A standard in Italy for fresh eating and preserving, and known flavorful, deep red flesh. Popular with chefs.
Crimson CarmelloSlicer7566-75IndeterminateHybridV, N, LB, TMVRed juicy fruit with perfect sweet to acid balance. Produces heavy clusters of generous-size round fruit on strong, uniform plants.
Cuore di AlbegnaSlicer8576-90IndeterminateHeirloomItalian heirloom known as a triple-purpose tomato because it is great fresh, canned, or minto sauce. It produces nice pear-shaped fruit, and it is moderately disease resistant.
Cuore di BueSlicer8576-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomLarge pinkish-red oxheart-type fruit. Sweet flavor. Abundant, 4" fruits on vigorous plants. Italian Heirloom.
DamselSlicer7566-75IndeterminateHybridF1, V, N, LBBig, pink-skinned beauty, globe-shaped fruit bursting with juicy flavor, intricate blend of sweet and acid for a rich flavor experience typically only found in heirlooms.
De BaraoPlum6040-65IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated(AKA Debarao) Produces an abundant crop of deep-red, paste tomatoes. Fruits are 3-4 oz., oval and crack free. Matures earlier than most Italian plum types. Lots of rich tomato flavors. Great for snacking, sauces and salads.
DeliciousSlicer7776-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomLarge red fruits, most over 1 pound. Smooth, nearly solid fruits with small cavities and excellent flavor. Developed from Beefsteak.
DesterSlicer7566-75IndeterminateHeirloomA large pink beefsteak. Heavy yielding plant. Rich sweet flavor makes it an excellent slicer. Great for canning.
Dwarf Audrey's LovePlum7876-90Dwarf IndeterminateHybridRegular leaf plants only grow two to three feet tall, fairly productive. The paste-type fruit are elongated, plum shaped, 2-3 oz, are chocolate colored (deep red with green shoulders) have green striping, are juicy, and have a mild, balanced flavor.
Dwarf Lemon IceSlicer7066-75Dwarf IndeterminateHybridCompact (averaging two to three feet in height), dwarf in habit with rugose, regular leaves producing small to medium sized (3-12 oz), yellow, heart-shaped fruit that are meaty and have a good, mild, sweet but slightly tart flavor (well-balanced).
Dwarf SarandipitySalad6540-65Dwarf IndeterminateHybridRegular leaf dwarf variety producing round medium small (2-4 oz), uniformly sized and shaped fruit that ripen to a rich brick red chocolate color with vertical green, metallic-looking stripes. The flavor is mild and sweet, and very prolific.
Dwarf Tiny TimCherry4540-65Dwarf DeterminateHeirloomProduces heavy clusters of fine flavored, globe-shaped, red colored fruit, about 1/2 in diameter. If grown in pots, grows 10-12 tall and 14 across. Can be a potted plant anytime of the year. Good for small gardens, patios, or apartment dwellers.
Early to mid season regular leaf dwarf, variably sized cherry tomato ranging from 1-3 oz and purple in color, excellent yield and flavor.
Dwarf Velvet NightCherry7066-75Dwarf IndeterminateHybridEarly to mid season regular leaf dwarf, variably sized cherry tomato ranging from 1-3 oz and purple in color, excellent yield and flavor.
Early CascadeCherry6240-65IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedF1, V, AProduces high yields of flavorful 2 1/2 inch red tomatoes with a very good disease resistance package. Specially bred for cooler climates and gardening west of the Cascades.
Early GirlSlicer5740-65IndeterminateHybridF2, VRed, medium size fruit packed with flavor. Meaty with firm texture and blemish-resistant skin. Heavy yields on hardy vines. Early season.
Emerald GreenSlicer8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomThe large plants set heavy yields of these beauties, which have a lovely lime-green color. The flavor is rich and superbly sweet. It's one of the best.
Evan's Purple PearCherry7566-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedA purple beauty, part of the Wild Boar series. Attractive 2 oz. fruits have exceptionally rich flavor. Great fresha and in sauces, pastes and canning. Potato leaved plants produce heavy yields
Scarlet-red, medium-sized, globe shaped fruits. Tasty heirloom flavor. Heavy yields are excellent for canning.
First Lady IICherry5240-65IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedF15 oz red fruit on crack-resistant indeterminate vines.
Flaming BurstCherry8076-90IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedA sweeter, pear-shaped version of Jaune Flamme. Productive plants produce an abundance of gold aromatic fruits of less than 1", with a firm texture.
Franchi's Red PearSlicer7566-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedA red, pear-shaped beefsteak. Outstanding producer of huge (8-18 oz) very tasty fruit, often with vertical ribs. Great for fresh eating. Early for such a large plant. Really meaty containing few seeds.
GenuwineSlicer7566-75IndeterminateHybridRuby-red, old time flavor. Cross of Brandywine and Costoluto Genovese. Bred for improved yield and earlier maturity.
Geranium KissCherry6540-65Dwarf DeterminateOpen-PollinatedAB, SPTop choice for container growing. Stocky dwarf determinant plants max out at 24-30 inches high and produce tons of golf-ball sized fruit with a tiny point at the base.
German PinkSlicer7876-90IndeterminateHeirloomPlant produces good yields of very large 16 oz pink beefsteak tomatoes. The fruit is very sweet, meaty, and has few seeds. An heirloom variety from Germany.
GlacierCherry6340-65DeterminateOpen-PollinatedOrangey-red 2" tomatoes. Sweetness combines with moderate acidity to create a complex flavor. Very early variety. 2 ½ feet tall.
GlitterCherry7066-75IndeterminateHybridBrilliant orange gems. Internal color is equally bright. High sugar content will make you want more. Fruit holds well on the plant.
Gold NuggetCherry5640-65DeterminateOpen-PollinatedVGolden-yellow, fine-flavored, 1" round-to-oval fruits. Uniform, compact plants average 24" in height and begin fruiting extra-early.
Gold SparkCherry6866-75IndeterminateHybridCR, LM, ToMVYellow grape. High yields of sweet flavorful fruit. Vigorous plant yields uniform golden fruit that hold well on the plant.
Golden Jubilee
Salad7266-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedMild flavor, low acidity, great for juice. Bright, golden-orange, 2 1/2"-3" fruits average 6 to 7 oz. and have meaty, thick walls. Fruits are solid with few seeds. Medium-sized plants need staking, produce high yields.
Golden RavePlum7066-75IndeterminateHybridGolden-yellow, 1-2 oz. fruits. A “baby roma” type with excellent flavor, fruit size and shape. Performs well in a wide range of climates.
Golden Rave HybridCherry6540-65IndeterminateHybridBeautiful, golden-yellow, 1-2 oz. fruits, are just 2 long. A romanita-type that will perform well in a wide range of climates. Sweet fruits have little or no cracking.
Goliath Sunny Hybrid
Slicer7066-75IndeterminateHybridGorgeous big juicy fruits, mild and sweet, medium-soft texture, mouth-watering juiciness. Large 7 to 8 oz. fruits. Harvest when yellow or later when brilliant gold. Vigorous plants keep setting fruit from the bottom up.
Grandma's PickSlicer7876-90IndeterminateHybridF1, V, N, St/LBright red beefsteak. Slightly sweet fruit with a rich heirloom flavor. Large, squat, pleated fruit averaging 3 1/2 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches tall.
Great WhiteSlicer8076-90IndeterminateSuper meaty beefsteak while being incredibly juicy at the same time. Small pockets of seeds close to the outside, while the interior is almost completely solid with sweet, kind-of citrusy, juicy meat.
Green TigerCherry7066-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedFruits are striped with yellow and green with a green interior. Exceptionally sweet, juicy, tropical flavor. Widely adaptable with extremely high yields over an extended period.
Green ZebraSalad7566-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomGlowing green skin overlaid with olive and gold mottled streaks. Sweet and zesty flavor. 1 ½” - 2 ½” salad tomato.
Grinch Dwarf CherryCherry6540-65DeterminateSweet and delicious flavor. Green to slightly yellow, 1 1/2 - 2 oz. juicy, plum shaped fruits. Plants have rugose, potato shaped foliage, grow up to 4 ft. tall and should be supported. Great for containers.
Heirloom Marriage MarzineraPlum7566-75IndeterminateHybridF1Rich, flavorful saucing tomato. Union of San Marzano and Cream Sausage produces early, continuous harvests of elongated, meaty fruit. Loads of brilliant red, 2–3 oz tomatoes ripen early.
Hillbilly Potato LeafSlicer8576-90IndeterminateHeirloomAbsolutely gorgeous bi-color beefsteak tomato, great for slicing. Beautiful yellow 1 pound fruits are streaked with red on the blossom end. Sweet and juicy. Heavy producer.
Hungarian HeartSlicer8576-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomBrilliant reddish-pink oxheart type fruits are enormous, frequently exceeding one pound! The fruits of this heirloom are firm and meaty like all oxheart types. Great for paste, canning or fresh use. Fruits contain few seeds, little core development.
Indigo Cherry Drops
Cherry6540-65IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedDelicious one-bite, 1"–1 ¼" fruits, high antioxidants for healthy snacking. Deep rosy-red with black-purple cast. Strong plants are heavy producers; leaf cover protects from sun scald. Harvest when color is deep and fruit is soft.
Indigo RoseSalad7566-75IndeterminateHeirloomUnique dark tomato. Green when unripe, purple-red when ripe,1-2 oz. The first tomato high in anthocyanin (a powerful antioxidant) commercially available anywhere in the world.
Isis CandyCherry6766-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedVary in shades of reds to yellows, usually with golden flesh. The flavor is outstanding, sweet and fruity. Round 1" fruits. Kids adore them!
Italian HeirloomSlicer7566-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomThis very heavy-yielding variety produces beautiful red one-pounders. An Italian favorite due to its rich tomato taste and abundance. Good choice for both fresh use and canning.
Japanese Trifele BlackSalad8576-90IndeterminateHeirloomGreen-streaked shoulders, deepening to mahogany and a nearly black base. 6 oz pear-shaped fruit. Meaty interior. Rich flavor. Excellent canner.
Jaune FlammeSalad7566-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomBright apricot-orange fruit surrounding reddish flesh. Large cherry size. Sweet and high yielding. Cooking, fresh, drying, roasting, or canning.
JubileeSlicer8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomAAS Winner. Bright, golden-orange fruits, 2 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter, average 6 to 7 oz apiece, and have meaty, thick walls. Fruits are solid, with few seeds. Medium-sized plants need staking, and produce high yields.
JulietCherry6040-65IndeterminateHybridF1, N, AB, LB, CRAAS Winner. Multi-use 2 1/2"-long tomato for fresh eating, sauce and drying. Deep-red, oblong, sweet 2 oz fruit ripens early and holds well on and off the plant.
Juliet HybridCherry6040-65IndeterminateHybridSPFamous for yielding the first elongated, grape-like fruits that don't crack. Clusters of unusual, sweet-flavored fruits cling to the vine longer than most other cherry tomatoes.
KoralikCherry6140-65DeterminateSurprisingly early maturity and huge yields for a determinate. Beautiful trusses of 6-8 bright-red fruits that all ripen at once. Early maturity, great flavor and wonderful presentation at the table.
La Roma III HybridPlum7676-90DeterminateHybridF1, V, N, St/L, ARoma type tomato known for vigor and uniformity. Bright red, 5-8 oz meaty fruits are full of flavor. Vigourous, disease-resistant plants produce abundantly throughout the season. Perfect for canning, pastes, and sauces.
Laguna Red HybridSlicer7266-75DeterminateHybridHR: TMV, HR: F2, IR:St/L, IR: TYLCVAttractive, large, scarlet red, globe-shaped fruits, approx. 8-12 oz., firm and smooth-shouldered. Flavorful deep red, juicy flesh has a good acid to sugar ratio. Widely adaptable plants, good leaf cover to protect fruits.
Large Barred BoarSlicer7066-75IndeterminateHeirloomPink-brown with metallic green stripes. Flattened, medium, beefsteak fruit. Very meaty pink flesh that is very flavorful.
Large Red CherryCherry8076-90IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedDeep scarlet, round, and flavorful. High yields of 1"-1¼”-diameter fruits in clusters of 5 on hardy, spreading vines. An excellent salad tomato.
LaRoma IIIPlum7676-90DeterminateHybridF2, V, N, AOne of the very best 'Italian-type' tomatoes, known for outstanding vigor and uniformity. Big yields of 5 to 8 oz fruit are produced on large, vigorous plants with excellent disease resistance. Larger than Roma.
LegendSlicer6866-75DeterminateOpen-PollinatedLBOne of the earliest-maturing slicing tomatoes. The 4"-5" big, parthenocarpic fruit are glossy red, with a uniform round shape. Cold tolerant. Developed at OSU.
Little Birdy Series Yellow CanaryCherry5540-65DeterminateOpen-PollinatedBrightly colored, canary yellow, 1 round, excellent tasting cherries. Deep green foliage protects against sunscald. Dwarf, compact, well-branched, high-yield plants are perfect for hanging baskets and mixed patio containers.
Little Margo HybridSlicer7066-75DeterminateHybridF1, VUpright, 30" tall plants fit smaller gardens and need less support than indeterminates. Summer-long harvests of oblate, shiny red, green-shouldered fruits average 6 oz. each and hold their flavor off the vine.
Little Napoli RomaPlum6540-65DeterminateHybridRoma style, good for container. Heavy producer. Bright crimson, oval, meaty, dense fruit with rich, tangy flavor; perfect for sauce, soup, ketchup, or salad. Compact plants 12-24" tall by 24-30" wide.
ManitobaSlicer6666-75DeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomDeveloped in Manitoba, Canada, to ripen during short summers. A vigorous determinant with heavy yields of 3-4 inch crimson red fruit. Great for slicing or canning. One of the more productive early heirlooms.
MarglobeSalad7566-75DeterminateOpen-PollinatedThis old variety was released by USDA in 1925 and has heavy, vigorous vines that produce high yields of large (8-10 oz), uniform, globe-shaped fruit. Good disease resistance. Good canning tomato.
Martino's RomaPlum7566-75Dwarf DeterminateHybridRichly flavored, meaty, 2 oz/3 inch pear-shaped heirloom fruits on compact plants with rugose, dark green leaves. So heavily productive, they drop from the vine when ripe. Great for cooking, good fresh.
MedfordSlicer8076-90DeterminateOpen-PollinatedF1, VBred at Oregon State University to produce big, crack-resistant tomatoes. Vigorous determinate plant.
MinibelCherry6540-65DeterminateOpen-PollinatedBite-sized fruits are sweet and flavorsome. Tiny ornamental plants reach only to about a foot high and require no support. Covered in tasty tomatoes. Excellent choice for containers.
MoonglowSlicer8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomMedium-sized, bright orange globes with solid flesh, few seeds, and mild sweetness. Excellent keeper.
Mortgage LifterSlicer8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomLarge pink fruit has a delicious, rich, sweet taste. Meaty, abundant, and full of heirloom flavor.
MoskvichSalad6040-65IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomCRDeep red smallish fruits with outstanding rich flavor. Early, abundant and like many Russian types they do well in cool/cold conditions.
Mountain Magic HybridCherry7266-75IndeterminateHybridF2, VSome qualities of an heirloom are combined with the modern-day disease resistance of a hybrid in this supersweet, Campari-type tomato. Heavy producer of round/deep-round, 2 oz fruits that are uniformly red inside and out with a long shelf life.
Mountain MeritSlicer7566-75DeterminateHybridHR: F3/LB/TSWV/V,
AAS Winner. Deep red, medium to large size fruits with excellent resistance to Late Blight, as well as others, makes the perfect slicing tomato.
Mule TeamSlicer7876-90IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedVigorous fruit set, round, medium-sized, red globes that weigh 8-1/2 oz. and are 2-1/2 to 3 across, with a sweet, mild flavor. Meaty textured fruits are produced continuously until frost on sturdy plants.
Mushroom Basket
Slicer7566-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedEye-catching beauties, these 8 to 16 oz. watermelon-pink tomatoes grab attention in the garden. Uniquely pleated fruits are firm, have few seeds and a deliciously sweet flavor. Terrific in any dish. Heavy yielder.
NovaPlum6540-65DeterminateOpen-PollinatedLipstick-red, elongated meaty fruit with a pointed end. Excellent taste. Nova explodes with fruit before most other roma types. Compact plant.
NyagousSlicer9076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomDark brown-red baseball-size fruits are borne in clusters of up to six fruits. Sweet, meaty flesh. Virtually blemish-free and very productive.
OpalkaPlum8276-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomRed, 3” by 6” plum tomato. Excellent flavor and very few seeds make this a perfect tomato for processing or drying. Fruits hold well on the vine.
Orange ParucheCherry6766-75Semi-DeterminateHybridF1, ToMV, TMVBrilliant orange fruits are irresistible, and vitamin packed. Sweet and flavorful. Very productive. Winner of Territorial Seed taste test.
Orange SliceSlicer7566-75IndeterminateHeirloomThis zesty orange beefsteak delivers full-bodied homegrown flavor. Vigorous indeterminate plants produce a large crop of bright orange, uniformly shaped, 16 oz beefsteaks. Firm yet juicy fruits.
Oregon SpringSalad7066-75DeterminateOpen-PollinatedVEarly variety yields loads of meaty, 3-5 oz fruits with excellent flavor. Compact plants set fruit in cool weather and yield all season long. Nearly seedless. Perfect for ketchup and sauces.
Paul RobesonSlicer8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomLarge (up to 20 oz.) beefsteak-type fruit that are maroon-black shouldered, sweet, very juicy, and flavorful.
PeronCherry7066-75Semi-DeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomCompact vines are fairly disease resistant. Deep-red 3-6 oz, flavorful slicer, dense-fleshed and meaty with little core. Skins are thick and tough--easy for peeling, crack-resistant, keeps well.
PineappleSlicer8076-90IndeterminateHeirloomLarge, uniquely-patterned, yellow-red striped fruits have meaty flesh, mild flavor, and no green shoulders. Leafy plants produce good yields.
Pink Berkley Tie DyeSlicer7066-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomDark pink with green striping, and the flesh is pink with yellow streaks. The flavor is sweet and complex like the finest heirlooms. 8-12 oz fruits.
Pink BoarSalad7566-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomPinkish-wine colored with metallic green stripes. A smaller, juicy, sweet 2-4 oz. tomato. A great producer.
Plum CrimsonPlum8076-90DeterminateHybridF3, VDeterminate saladette. Extra large fruit.
Pomodoro SquisitoPlum7266-75IndeterminateHybridHR: F1, ToMV, V, IR: TYLCVThis San Marzano hybrid produces heavy clusters of elongated, deep-red, meaty fruit with minimal seed cavity for sauce, ketchup, and soup. Vigorous plants resist blossom-end rot.
PozzanoPlum7266-75IndeterminateHybridHR: F2/V/ToMVSan Marzano type for the greenhouse. Very high, early yields of 4-6 oz tomatoes. Vigorous plant stays healthy over a long season. High solids so they sauce down quickly.
Principe BorghesePlum7566-75DeterminateOpen-PollinatedRed, small grape, plum shaped, and pointed at one end. Fruits have few seeds and a relatively dry meat, perfect for drying and sauces.
Prudens PurpleSlicer7266-75IndeterminateHeirloomA favorite heirloom 16 oz tomato, outstanding all around. Exceptionally early for a large type. Color is more deep pink than true purple. Flesh is firm and meaty with few seeds. Wonderful flavor.
Purple Zebra
7066-75IndeterminateHybridLB, LM, ToMV, TSWV, TYLCV, VGreen-streaked, deep red skin, billiard-ball-sized fruit with thick, smooth, dark purple flesh. Rich and flavorful—umami with a bit of sweet. Long vining plants are very disease resistant and the fruit resists cracking.
Quedlinburger Fruhe LiebeCherry4040-65IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HybridExtremely early German heirloom produces until frost. Round, red, 1- 2 fruits sets in cluster of 4 to 6 on potato leaf plants. Great flavor and acid level. Yields great in hot summer temps; sets well in cool climates also.
Red PearSalad7566-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, Heirloom75 days. This shiny-skinned pear-shaped heirloom is a top pick for canning and pickling. Vigorous, medium-sized indeterminate vines produce scads of 2 long fruit in clusters, all summer long.
Red Rosso SicilianSlicer8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomDeeply ribbed, intensely red fruit of up to 5 oz. Firm, solid flesh, somewhat hollow seed cavity--a star for stuffing or paste. Ribbing gives slices a lovely scalloped look. Richly flavored and beautiful.
RoadsterSlicer7066-75DeterminateHybridSalad variety with early maturity and extra-large size. Fruits are an attractive red, very firm and smooth-shouldered with superior flavor. Great for northern climates with short growing seasons.
RomaPlum7676-90DeterminateHeirloomF1, V, N, A, LBRed, pear-shaped fruits that are nice and meaty, with very few seeds. Well-known paste-type tomato, perfect for sauces, pastes and ketchup.
Rossa SicilianSlicer8076-90DeterminateHeirloomAn Italian heirloom. Striking deep red, ribbed fruits weigh up to 6 oz. and have firm, meaty flesh. Thin skin bruises easily, so fruits should be handled with care. Perfect for sauces and pastes.
San MarzanoPlum8076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomBright-red, slightly rectangular. Large clusters of 3 1/2” fruits. High in sugars, pectin, and flavor for the richest sauces, pastes, and soups.
San Marzano GigantePlum7066-75DeterminateOpen-PollinatedItalian tomato also known as Gran Merito. Bunches of 6-10 beautiful oval fruits average 2-4 oz and ripen to a red color.
Sean's YellowSlicer7066-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedUnique dwarf variety, 6-8 oz. fruits on sturdy plants, dark green rugose foliage. Bright yellow fruits with refreshing tomato flavor. High yielding plants grow just 2-3 ft tall, great for small spaces and containers.
SebastopolCherry7566-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedLarge ¾” heirloom red cherry tomatoes that are sweet-tasting with a spark of tartness. Well suited for cooler, coastal regions or short season gardens. A wonderful salad or snacking tomato.
SiberianSalad6040-65DeterminateHeirloomHeirloom tomato from Russia. Fruit grows in clusters on sturdy stalks. Produces large numbers of 3-5 oz brilliant red, flavorful fruits. Excellent for regions with a shorter, cooler growing season.
SiletzSlicer6040-65DeterminateF1, VOne of the most reliable slicing tomatoes. The flavor-packed parthenocarpic red tomatoes, up to 4" in size, are nearly seedless. Expect several bursts of ripe tomatoes per season.
SkywaySlicer7876-90DeterminateHeirloom, HybridF3, V, TSWV, N, TYLCV, ToANVLarge red, moderately ribbed, beefsteak-type tomatoes. Good flavor and fruit quality.
Solar FlareSlicer7566-75IndeterminateHeirloomStrikingly gorgeous red fruits are 6-10 oz beefsteaks with gold stripes. Meaty, with a luscious sweet red tomato flavor.
Striped Roman
Plum8076-90IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedThese long, roma-shaped tomatoes have orange stripes running down the length of the fruit. Tomatoes are very thick and meaty with a nice rich flavor. Plants stay moderately compact and have a good yield.
StupiceSalad5240-65IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomDeep red, 2-3 inch fruits. Very sweet, tangy and flavorful. Cold-tolerant tomato popular with those who have short growing seasons.
Sugar Plum GrapeCherry7566-75IndeterminateHybridF1The Sugar Plum tomato has been rated the best tasting grape tomato in many taste tests. Its indeterminate plant sets heavy yields of 1 inch grape-shaped fruit that have a rich red color. The fruits form in long clusters, which allows for an easy harvest.
SungoldCherry6240-65IndeterminateHybridF2, V, TMVBright apricot-orange round globes. Sweet fruity flavor. Reliable, prolific producer. 1 ¼ inches across on long, 10–15 fruit, grape-like trusses.
SunraySlicer7566-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedF1, VLike Jubilee in size, color and quality, but with strong Fusarium Wilt resistance. Vigorous, sturdy vines with heavy foliage, plenty of richly flavored fruits.
Sunrise SaucePlum6040-65DeterminateHybridF1, VAn outstanding roma, early, large-fruited, productive and delicious. Compact plants yield heavily for processing into sauce or salsa. The 3–4 oz. fruit are meaty and sweet for fresh eating.
Golden-orange beauty. Sugar-sweetness and flavor, superb texture, and a tangy taste. The ½ oz fruits grow on large, prolific plants.
Super BeefsteakSlicer8076-90IndeterminateHeirloomThis improved version has larger yields and larger tomatoes. Fruits have a rich and delicious flavor. A crack-resistant variety that grows on extremely vigorous vines.
Super Bush - ContainerSlicer7066-75DeterminateHybridA tough, disease-resistant tomato variety that’s a good choice for growing in containers. It produces a prolific crop of juicy, flavorful fruit of medium size.
Super Sweet 100Cherry6540-65IndeterminateHybridScarlet-colored, cherry-sized fruits are high in Vitamin C. Bursting with sugary flavor. They grow in long clusters and produce into the fall. Round, 1" diameter.
Surender's Indian CurrySalad7066-75DeterminateHybridFrom Indian gardener Surender Katta. Short, compact, determinate plants, yielding 2”, red, slightly flattened fruit. Juicy and more acidic than sweet for Indian curries. Great for a patio, small garden, or hanging basket.
Sweet GoldCherry6540-65IndeterminateHybridVery early yellow cherry tomato. Small, full-flavored fruit with bright yellow flesh and a very attractive appearance. High yielding, vigorous plants produce single and double clusters.
Sweet MillionCherry6540-65IndeterminateHybridF1, TMVDark-red fruits grow in long chains. Super-sweet. Slightly larger than Sweet 100. Matures early and continues producing until frost.
SweetieCherry7066-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomBite-sized heirloom tomatoes, deliciously sweet, are produced on vigorous plants. Fruits are good size for eating out of hand, or for salads.
Tasmanian ChocolateSlicer8576-90Dwarf DeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HybridSturdy, 2-3 foot plants with dark green rugose foliage produce large 8-12 oz beefsteak type fruits ripening to a beautiful mahogany red. Full of delicious, balanced flavor and perfect for eating fresh or cooked.
Tasty Pink Beefsteak
Slicer7566-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedDelicious, dark pink fruits are meaty with a mild-but-tasty classic fresh tomato flavor. Fruits average 16 to 20 oz. but can weigh up to 3 pounds and have thin skins. Vigorous plants produce heavy yields.
TaxiSalad7066-75DeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomBright yellow 4-6 oz sweet, meaty fruits. Good for slicing making them perfect for sandwiches. Can be grown well in most areas.
Ten Fingers of NaplesPlum7566-75DeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomExcellent paste-type, elongated, pointed, 5"-6" meaty fruits, up to 3 oz, in long trusses. Sweet and rich. Ideal for cooking, canning and preserving. A popular heirloom from Naples, Italy. Heavy yielder.
Terenzo - ContainerCherry5640-65Dwarf DeterminateHybridAAS Winner. Juicy, red, cherry fruits average 1¼” across. Compact dwarf plants, 16-20" tall and 20" wide, excel in containers and hanging basket.
Tigerella (Mr. Stripey)Salad6540-65IndeterminateHeirloomHuge crops of large red fruits with clearly-defined yellow-orange stripes. These 1½”-2" tomatoes have a rich, tangy flavor and are a beautiful novelty for eating whole or cutting into salads.
TomatoberryCherry5540-65IndeterminateHybridF1, ToMVHigh-yielding plants. Fruits have a beautiful, deep red color with broad shoulders tapering to a blunt point at the blossom end, giving them a heart-like appearance. Firm, chewy texture with excellent sweet flavor. Fruits average 1x1 inch.
Vernissage BlackSalad7566-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated2-3 ounce saladette, good for fresh eating, salads, drying or sauces. Healthy, highly adaptable and productive over a long season. Deep mahogany, striped with green. Flavor is rich, tasty in sauces.
Vernissage Green
Salad7566-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated2 to 3 oz. saladette; pleasantly sweet, very good for fresh eating, salads, drying, or sauces. Healthy, adaptable, productive over a long season. Pale green fruits with dark green stripes. Pick when fruits begin to soften.
VeronaPlum6766-75IndeterminateHybridHR: F2/V, IR: ABSimilar to Juliet, but with even tastier, somewhat more plump, deep-red "cocktail plum" fruits averaging 2 1/2 oz. Long clusters on a medium-vigorous vine.
Viva ItaliaPlum7566-75IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedF2, V, N, A, BThe plant produces high yields of 3-4 oz deep red Roma tomatoes. They have thick walls, are meaty, and very flavorful. Perfect in salads; for making paste, sauce, salsa, tomato soup, and ketchup; and for canning and freezing.
Wapsipinicon PeachSlicer7876-90IndeterminateHeirloomLight-yellow fruits with tinges of pink and a touch of fuzzy peach-like skin. Delicious. Slightly spicy, very fruity-sweet flavors. Heavy yields.
Washington CherryCherry6040-65DeterminateOpen-PollinatedHigh-yielding compact plants. Cherry tomatoes with a deep red color. Thick-walled, meaty, and flavorful.
Wood's Famous BrimmerSlicer7676-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomLarge 3"-4" red fruit of perfect round shape. It makes the perfect BLT sandwich. This heirloom yields wildly off-the-books quantities of monster 1-2 lb red tomatoes.
Woodle OrangeSlicer7066-75IndeterminateHeirloomLarge, round, smooth fruit. Brilliant tangerine color. Incredibly rich and sweet complex flavor.
Yellow BrandywineSlicer9076-90IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomA golden-yellow version of Brandywine. The large 6 inch, flattened fruit tend to be on the rough side, but have a rich full flavor that is very uncharacteristic of yellow varieties.
Yellow PearSalad7876-90IndeterminateOpen-PollinatedF1, V, A, LBVigorous vines produce abundant yields of 2", yellow-skinned, pear-shaped fruits with mild flavor and few seeds. Dependable performance.
Yellow PerfectionSalad7566-75IndeterminateOpen-Pollinated, HeirloomPotato leaf plant produces 1 1/2"-2" (golf ball size) round, brilliant-yellow, thin-skinned and delicious heirloom tomato fruits. Great for snacking and salads. Suitable for cooler climates.
Zapotec Oaxacan RibbedSlicer8576-90IndeterminateDates back to Zapotec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico. Deeply ribbed, pink/red fruits up to 4"/1 lb, with a yellow blush. Fruits are hollow with sturdy walls and a mild, sweet flavor. Ideal for stuffing, baking and grilling.
ZucchelloSalad7566-75IndeterminateHybridF1, V, NFirm plum-shaped mini tomato, mid-early season, indeterminate, very productive.

Disease Resistance
A Alternaria Stem Canker
AB Early Blight (Alternaria solani)
CR Crack Resistance
F1 Fusarium Wilt Race 1
F2 Fusarium Wilt Races 1 and 2
F3 Fusarium Wilt Races 0, 1, and 2
HR High Resistance
IR Intermediate Resistance
LB Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans)
LM Leaf Mold
N Nematodes
St/L Stemphylium (Gray Leaf Spot)
TMV Tobacco Mosaic Virus
ToANV Tomato Apex Necrotic Virus
ToMV Tomato Mosaic Virus (Strains 0, 1, and 2)
TSWV Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus
TYLCV Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
V Verticillium Wilt