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Insects of Skagit County by Dr. Lloyd Eighme

Ten years in the making, this 150-page book, now available in a downloadable digital format, is chock full of interesting facts and color photos of the more common insects found in Skagit County. Personal stories, humorous notes, and amazing revelations make the book as enjoyable as it is informative. There are 32 pages of photos of insects collected in Skagit County and preserved in the Skagit County WSU Extension Master Gardener collection. The book appeals to children and adults, professionals and amateurs, teachers, horticulturists, farmers, gardeners, foresters, consultants, and anyone who wants to know what that bug is doing in their garden and whether it’s good, bad, or just plain interesting.
Please help support the insect collection by making a donation when you download the book!

Download the book in PDF format

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About the Author

Dr. Eighme was an entomologist who taught and worked in the field for 40 years. Insects of Skagit County evolved from his many hours of assistance and teaching with the Skagit County WSU Extension Master Gardener Program since 1994. One of his goals was to help gardeners recognize beneficial insects so they can reduce their use of pesticides. “It is my hope that this beginning will inspire and encourage curious people to search and to learn more about the fascinating insects in our own back yards,” he said. Dr. Eighme donated all the time he spent creating the book, and all proceeds derived from it, to help support the Skagit County WSU Extension Master Gardener Program.


About the Insect Collection at the Burlington Plant Clinic

During his tenure as a Skagit County WSU Extension faculty member, Dr. Eighme trained MGs to preserve insect specimens for the collection at the Burlington Plant Clinic. Volunteers at the Plant Clinic continue to maintain and enhance the collection, which is used to educate the public and to build and share knowledge about insects in our region. You can help to support this work by making a donation to the Skagit County Master Gardener Foundation. And come see the insects! The public is very welcome to view the collection at the Burlington Plant Clinic during their posted hours.