Begun in 2007, this garden is designed to provide a harmonious space to view the wide variety of rhododendrons that can be grown in the Pacific Northwest climate.

Rhododendron Garden Plant List

#Botanical NameCultivarCommon Name
1Rhododendron 'Amiblue'
2Rhododendron auriculatum
3Rhododendron 'Sapphire'
4Rhododendron 'Ginney Gee'
5Rhododendron 'Capistrano'
6Rhododendron decorum
7Rhododendron 'Ernie Dee'
8Rhododendron 'Golfer'
9Rhododendron 'Holden'
10Rhododendron 'Coral Bells'evergreen azalea
11Rhododendron impeditum
12Rhododendron calostrotum
13Rhododendron 'Lemon Dream'
14Rhododendron 'Lem's Monarch'
15Rhododendron 'Mission Bells'
16Rhododendron 'Patty Bee'
17Rhododendron 'Peter Faulk'
18Rhododendron ponticum 'Variegatum'
19Rhododendron 'President Roosevelt'
20Rhododendron 'Ramapo'
21Rhododendron 'Seaview Sunset'
23Rhododendron 'Sea-Tac'
24Rhododendron 'R. bureavii'
26Rhododendron 'Taurus'
27Rhododendron campylogynum
28Cercidiphyllum japonicumkatsura tree
29Rhododendron kiusianum 'Chikuhoh'
30Geranium 'Rozanne'cranesbill
31Styrax japonicusJapanese snowbell
32Rhododendron racemosum 'Apricot'
33Rhododendron degronianum 'Ken Janeck'
34Rhododendron degronianum 'Mist Maiden'
35Rhododendron degronianum 'Yaku Angel'
36Rhododendron 'Mary Poppins'deciduous azalea
37Rhododendron degronianum 'Yaku Princess'
38Cornus unalaschkensisbunchberry
39Sisyrinchium bellumblue-eyed grass
40Blechnum spicantdeer fern